How to Start a T-shirt Printing Business

Design might just be the most important part of your custom t-shirt. If it’s not pleasing for the eye, it won’t get worn. If you stick to these six basic steps, you’ll design something spectacular.

You may typically do artwork in RGB and CMYK color modes, but to be sure the most accurate colors with a silk screener, definitely use PMS colors in your artwork. This also makes the colour separations much easier and much more accurate. Here is a link on how to use Pantone in Illustrator.

With the great interest in iPads, iPhones and smart phones, the requirement for responsive web applications is becoming much more serious than ever before, particularly in the field of e-commerce. As expected, some useful responsive product design tools have surfaced recently on the market to offer the massive percentage of mobile Internet users and responsive custom t shirts design software program is one too. Being a responsive web application, it supports iPhone, iPads, Windows, Mac, Apple. So, for implementing this tool, one is not restricted to any single platform.

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How T-Shirt is Made

T-shirts form a critical part of fashion and apparel through the USA. Often considered variety clothing item, people coming from all backgrounds and age groups put it on, no matter season or occasion. T-shirts are happy and try to conserve a fresh trend.

Create a fun design on your T-shirt employing a graphic design program, including Adobe Photoshop or Pixlr (free online tool).

Be sure to create a high-quality resolution design that will look nice on the size you need it on the t-shirt. While a design might look okay in your computer, may possibly not show up well with a t-shirt. You might consider getting a designer to produce a good quality image.


Detail matters but keep things relatively simple. Small details usually take a t-shirt from good to great. However, probably the most classic t-shirt designs also are the best. Finding that right balance is vital.

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